Memorial to Marc Tamraz



Marc Tamraz, head of Tamraz's Parts Discount Warehouse for over 35 years, has passed on December 8th 2018.

He will be greatly missed by friends, family, as well as the many thousands of customer and vendors from the automotive restoration market.

Marc was 61 years old when he passed. He is survived by his wife Gina Tamraz, and their three children; Michelle, Michael and Alexandra.

Starting the company from an apartment garage in Chicago with nothing more than a phone number and a catalog of Pontiac parts, Marc grew the company into a major brand in the automotive restoration parts industry. 

Marc guided the organization and his business through many tough times ensuring the hobby would survive for automotive enthusiasts.

Tamraz became known in the market as a leader for GM related parts in the 1990's, and then continued to grow the parts offering for Mopar, Mustang and other brands as the market continued to grow.

Marc's sense of humor and love for life made him one of the best friends you could ever have. He always had your back and was willing to give you the shirt off of it if you needed one.

Marc loved Pontiac's, and like many guys of his age in the 70's, started drag racing his Trans Am at Great Lakes Dragaway in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 1978. From there, he and his close friends would modify and test ways to make the car faster, later increasing the Pontiac 455 engine to an almost astonishing 700+ horsepower. Later after the car become a street legend, the car in its lightest form made a 1/4 mile pass of almost 9.60's.

Marc and Gina Tamraz grew their business into a large warehouse that was located in Plainfield for many years, acquiring almost 9 spaces in the Wheatland Industrial Park off off of Wolf's Crossing. In 2017, the company moved into a large 50,000 square foot warehouse located at 2019 Corporate Lane in North Naperville, where operates stands today.